The stuff in my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" boxes...*winks*

If you didn't already know, I have trouble throwing out know, just in case. *LOL* So I store them in my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" box/es. 

Ready to see the stuff in my boxes??? *dramatic music plays in the background*

Are those scallop shells? Yes. Those would make a great front and back cover of a mini beach vacation album right? I mean, I will get to them one day. I think. *winks*. And there's a mobile phone cover, old belt buckles, broken jewellery parts, electronic parts, old leather shoe bits...

Yep. Others see them as junk but I see them as possibilities...

I mean, I really use them in my projects...

The mixed media canvas that lights up
For instance, I used one of those wheels from broken toys on this project...

Quick paper bags with found objects
One of the old leather shoe straps was on one of these paper bags...

Mixed media canvas with found objects
Getting to know my creative process
And I have used old lighting parts on these mixed media canvases...

What about you? Do you have a "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" box???


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Quick postal-friendly decorated box...


As much as I enjoy my dimensional and fanciful decorated boxes, sadly, the time has come for me to make some postal-friendly ones.  Mum has declared a "no more boxes for me" policy because 80% of my decorated boxes are hers (20% are given away with pressies in them). In all fairness, she's still using them all...even the ugly ones from my early crafting days. She has run out of stuff to store in the boxes! *LOL*

Well, I guess my bloggy pals will now get goodies in postal-friendly decorated boxes then.  Because I'm not giving up on decorating boxes! *winks*

1. I started with a lovely Kikki K pull-out box.  I love how the pink flowers on the blue background contrasted with the checked design on the pull-out tray.

2. I cut the papers to size and ran the pieces through my Xyron Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive. Then I adhered the pieces to the box.

3. I fussy-cut some flowers and adhered them to the top and sides of the box.

4. I tied some twine around the box. 

Of course, it was just tooooooo flat for me. So I added a tulle bloom to finish off my box.  I glued the bloom to a paperclip so it is detachable.

Now, on to filling it with some goodies and sending it out!

Hope your week has been awesome so far!


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The one about carrying Zoe (and not making her cry)


The last time I saw my niece Zoe (my cousin's daughter) was when she was a month old...which was back in July 2017. Now you know I have a thing for babies (ahhh...that baby smell) so I was pretty excited to see her when we went to my grandma's for the annual Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Of course, my uncle said that it would be impossible for me to carry her now that she recognizes faces and would cry if I tried...(insert sad music).

But you know me...would I give up on a chance to carry a cute little baby? Nah. 

Turns out that Zoe could be "bought"! *winks* All I did was play with her for a bit...gave her her fave biscuit and then I got to hold her! (insert triumphant music)

When I saw her again the next day, she was happy to see me and gave me the sweetest smile! :) Don't you just love a gummy (no tooth yet) baby smile?? My sister E looks so sweet in the photo too! 

Now the first photo was taken at night while the second was taken the next morning in daylight on different phones...since I couldn't get the lighting in the photos to match, I went with a coloured photo and a b/w photo instead. 

Finally used this circle chipboard in my stash on a layout...have been using it as a mask for misting for 3 years! *LOL*

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Remnant lace on a mixed media card


Do you have remnant little bits of lace lurking in your stash that are just too pretty to throw away? Why not adhere them all on a card to create a lovely textured background? :)

I started by adhering the remnant lace pieces on a watercolour card base with gel medium. You can get creative by mixing the pieces to create a lovely pattern. Then, paint a layer of gesso to prep the textured surface for colorants. 

I went in with some spray mists and applied some gesso on the raised surfaces to showcase the lace texture.

I finished the card with a few embellishments from Maya Road. 

Happy week ahead friends! 


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Your weekend project: mixed media wall art


It's March and into month #3 without Netflix. *dramatic music plays in the background* 

Instead I've been watching YouTube videos on Minimalism. I know. That's so NOT me. *LOL* Of course, with these sort of videos, there are so few things in sight that your eye tends to wander to where there are things *winks* like the walls. Which have one or two framed quotes in gold foil text on a clean white background. 

"Well, I can do that", I said to myself. And then of course, my background is mixed media madness and my text is in black. Hahaha!

I started with a white plastic frame that I bought cheaply in Manila back in 2016. Yes, it was left languishing in my cupboard for a while. Since my motto this year is to "Use it or lose it", this baby got a few lovely coats of spray paint to make it look a little more "expensive". 

Next, I found a piece of hot-pressed watercolour paper that was THE perfect size for the frame (read: no cutting required!). Then I thought to myself, "Why waste a good sheet of paper on some text?" And then promptly went to town with spray mists and stencils, acrylic paints and liquid acrylics. Yep, we are talking about Maximalism here. ;)

Of course, that whole process took a bit of time and I asked myself, "Do I really want to cover all that up with a quote?". Actually, I was tired at this point and really didn't feel like fiddling with text plus I've been practising brush lettering my daily affirmation so that's what I went with....YES.

So I wrote the word numerous times on wrapping tissue....chose the one that I liked best and just adhered it to the base with gel medium. Of course, you get just write directly on the watercolour paper but when you do it this way, you can play with the placement of the text on different parts of your artwork but committing to it. :)

Happy weekend friends!


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26 fun ideas for scrapbooking food photos

Confession: I may have more food photos than people photos on my phone. *LOL* Tell me I'm not the only one...please?? *winks* Anyway, here are 26 fun ideas to scrapbook those food photos. :)

The one about the muffins

The one about the lemon curd tarts

The story about the cheese tarts

The one about the four-layer cake

The queue for chocolate chip cookies

The Tupperware party

The layout with lots of stuff

The laksa and matchstick story
The laksa and matchstick story

Guess whose birthday it was?

Bits and pieces on my layout

Someone had an ice-cream birthday cake

Every picture tells a story...or does it? *winks*

At last

Why we need an umbrella indoor:The McCafe Story

When art imitates life

A salad and cake

Afternoon tea

Food confession

Rice only

How to eat a turtle...*winks*

The one about the pretend sad faces
Marini's on 57

Looks can be deceiving

I've been checking you out...*winks*

The squid squad

There you have it. 26 fun ideas for scrapbooking food photos.  

Do you enjoy scrapbooking food photos?


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